Welcome to Pokemon Cyrus Online

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Today there was a problem with the internet of our dear Mondo, but everything has already been solved and we take advantage of this problem to repair some things inside the PCO client, the new client is now available for download CLICK HERE.

If you already have the client you can just download the Patch CLICK HERE (Only for those who already have the old client).


  • Exp rates changed, it now easier to train at higher levels
    The new exp rate is applied after a pokemon levels up
  • If you have a Riolu or Lucario over level 60 that has not received the bonus TP you can request it from Mondo now, anything under level 60 is not viable. This is simply because there are too many and it would be too much effort.


  • Cactoria Reopened
  • Munet Mountain open
  • Route 9 open
  • Seafloor Ruins open
  • Borage spawns improved
  • Big shroom rate increased to 12% (Tiny Shroom rate is 15%)
  • All wild AI removed except for few eg roserade
  • Cottrosa Teleport orb price increased 25 to 100 static orbs
  • CREW WARS REBOOT (See CW Tab for more info)
  • GYM 4 and 5 NERFS. (5 levels lower each pokemon)
  • Cactoria added to ariados travels for badge 4 +
  • Nurse Nahjo moved closed to cactoria cavern
  • Added Nurses/Heal bots around Karel that will heal you if you have a heal pass
  • Added Heal Pass honey drop.
  • Added even more Sitrus berry drops
  • LOTS of item made tradable, vits, honey etc (see rules for more info)
  • Few more traders added in new areas
  • Belly Drum now functions correctly
  • Lum/Rawst berry give Atk back after curing.
  • Lum/Cheri gives speed back after curing paralysis
  • Psycho Shift doesnt pass poison to things immune to it anymore
  • Final Gambit Functions correctly