Hello trainers!

  • Level 1 =  Kick.
  • Level 2 = Mute for 2 hours . (3 times = Suspend account)
  • Level 3 = Suspend account.
  • Level 4 = Pemanent ban.


1. Account sharing is not recommended, however if you share the account with someone, and they become your responsibility for any actions that violate the Terms of Service.

(Level: Determined by Moderator)

2. Trades outside PCO are prohibited and not to be discussed in PCO.

(Level: Determined by Moderator)

3. Using any kind of automation software, hacking or editing the PCO game/client is prohibited.

( Level 4)

4. Abusing glitches, and not reporting them as soon as possible will result in suspension.

(Level 3)

5. Helping someone to hide their non-legit / hacked / cracked / abused Pokemon / Items / or Money is prohibited and suspension of all persons involved.

(Level 4)

6. Deceiving people when it comes to trading is prohibited.

(Level: Determined by Moderator)

7. Foul language / profanity, and posting inappropriate content or adult content.

(Level 2)

8. Spamming and harassing people are prohibited. Same goes for being foul to the community and system as whole.

(Level1, Level2)

9. Posting links that are malicious, have adult content with them or anything else not suitable for kids is prohibited.


10. Global chat is only allowed to speak in English

( Level 1)

– If the account you use is suspended due to breaking any of the rules above you have a right to appeal. During the appeal process we will take into consideration the broken rule, your behavior during your time as an appealer, and your behavior before you were suspended. (Send the appeal to the Contact page. Click Here)